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FayeLife is...

an energetic container that facilitates transformation for humans on Earth. Inside this container are technologies, wisdom, and applied science of breath, sound, and movement to penetrate the subconscious and unconscious layers of our existence to therefore be intuitively informed while harnessing warrior-level strength for a collective path forward.

Every single thing that comes into manifest form starts as a vibration, which is a sound, from a thought form. If we want to create a different world we must change the vibrational frequency output from ourselves. This sounds simple but thought patterns are layered and, for the most part, kept in the shadow of our subconscious mind. The thoughts that reside within the subconscious and unconscious layers of our collective manifest through us unknowingly and then we end up at a loss as to why we feel pinned against a wall.

The good news is, there are very efficient ways to clean and clear the energy system of your body and unearth the deeply entrenched, systemic agendas programmed into our unconscious through current culture and dominant agendas. 

It's a scientific process of changing the amount of prana in the body and using the vibrational frequency of your own voice through the sound codes of ancient mantras to heighten your Self-knowledge and create alternate experiences of life. 

In the sacred and potent FayeLIfe container you also get a direct energy transmission from Faye which accelerates the activation of your glandular system and your transformation process. 

The war we are fighting on the planet right now is an energy war. It's a resources war and your life force energy is the most potent and powerful energy on the planet at this time. Utilizing FayeLife as your guide and container in collaboration with your commitment and discipline will make you a sovereign energetic being with a vibrant mind.  You will no longer be available for manipulation or energy extraction. You will no longer be able to have your energy pulled out of you and used against you. Against your own well-being. Against your own need to live in harmony with the planet, for humanity's survival. You will gain the power of your wholeness, your self-acceptance, and your capacity to hold the weight of your destiny. 

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